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    Still logged into Contribute?

      I've just completed a site redesign for a client who uses Contribute 3 to edit his site. Apparently all works well, except for one page where apparently I'm still logged in from a test session months ago when I was using a now-expired trial copy to check out the site. I'm honestly not sure why I'm still logged in, but apparently that is the case after two months. Is there a way the client, as the Contribute admin, can force me "off" that page? I don't really have the need to buy a copy. I suppose in the worst-case scenario I can get on his computer and log in and off myself, but I won't be able to do this for a while.

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          I have the same problem to a slightly different degree. I have a co-worker who needed to reinstall Contribute and in the process, made herself the administrator. Subsequently I needed to reinstall Contribute when my PC was upgraded and discovered several (but not all) pages were locked by my co-worker. I would be very interested in a fix as well.
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            cathykimball Level 1
            If you have access to the site via ftp you can find the file named with the page name.lck. Delete that file and the user will no longer be locked out. This happens when someone just closes out of the page without publishing, canceling or saving the changes, esp if, as in your case, you no longer have access to the method where the changes were made.

            I hope this helps.
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              afoxfamsf Level 1
              Thanks! I think that will do the trick. Said client is somewhat computer illiterate AND he's the Contribute admin... a bad combination.