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    Distorted audio in Adobe products


      I am experiencing distorted audio in AdobePresenter and Adobe Connect. All other products (non Adobe) work fine.


      The problem occurs when I record using my Lenovo laptop with either the inbuilt mic or external mic. It does not happen on other computers.


      System is Win 10 with all devices updated.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you posted this question to the Presenter and/or Connect forum?


          This is the Premiere Elements forum.

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            phindersphee Level 1



            I've spent about ten hours trying to help my wife with her laptop regarding this.  Same issue as everyone else.  Same slowed speech, same Lenovo product, same Windows 10.


            The ONLY thing that finally worked is disabling the "Use Enhanced Audio" checkbox.


            I'll give you the instruction set as I performed it for my wife's DeVry College conference call:


            1.  Click on the "Connect" icon normally.  Or whatever you do to engage the Adobe Connect plug-in.


            2.  Once the plug-in has loaded, and the meeting dialog box is available, go to the "Meeting" drop-down menu and select Preferences.


            3.  From Preferences, navigate down to "Microphone" and click on it.  The middle pane will then show a wide variety of preferences, the first of which is "Use Enhanced Audio".  (In my experience, it is almost always checked by default.


            4.  Un-check "Use Enhanced Audio" and close Preferences.


            5.  Be prepared to do this again on each new meeting.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Great solution, phindersphee!


              But, once again, this might be worth posting to the Presenter/Connect forum, where you could share it with people who actually use these programs.