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    Constant Instant Crashes

    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Lightroom 2015


      i7-4770K @3.5 GHz

      32Gb RAM

      nVidia GTX 970-4gb DR: 355.82


      System on RAID-SSD

      Cache drive ... SSD

      5 other internal SATA drives


      Machine is set up for video processing ... and handles all other CC apps well. Including Photoshop, Bridge, and a bunch of others.


      Lightroom crashes. If I run the Adobe CC-Cleaner app, completely remove it, then re-boot, use the CC Desktop app to download & install, I might get a few minutes operation ... then it will completely lock up the machine requiring hard re-boot. After that, simply starting Lightroom ... within 30 seconds it will crash locking up the machine.


      I've deleted ALL cache/preference files; disabled the graphics as noted on a few posts. Created a totally new catalog. Several times.


      Nothing has worked. I've been through the process 4 times. I've helped a ton of people in PrPro & Sg with problems ... and used Lr since it was created. I'm very familiar with troubleshooting CC apps. And I've NEVER had a problem like this.