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    cannot match my computer authourization with my new e-mail.password .I even deleted ade and reinstalled. It reinstalled my old e-mail adrress but still would not accept any password even when I had my password reinstall by ade tech support.


      I am at my wits end. I got a new e-mail address and changed my acount to the new address. I tried to change my computer authorization  e-mail to match.  It has my old e-mail address and password. I  tried to deauthorize my computer of my old e-mail address and put in my new email. The site will not accept my password on my old email even after I had it reset by ade tech support. I deleted the whole file off my computer and reinstalled ade again. It came up with my old email address again an again would not accept my password. My old email will not be viable after the end of the month.What do I do?.