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    How do I get the IPTC location data to populate based on GPS data?

    Don Nelson

      I've noticed that it shows the place in the location window but it is grayed out and I still have to manually type it in. Any way to get it to fill in? I'm using Lightroom CC.

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          This is a consequence of the weird design of LR's address lookup.  The grey indicates that the location field has been automatically added by LR.  Such "unconfirmed" location fields will be included in the metadata of exported pics if you have enabled the option Catalog Settings > Metadata > Export Address Suggestions Whenever Address Fields Are Empty.  The only time you need to confirm (turn to white) the grey fields are when you want to change one or more of them, e.g. to correct an incorrect suggestion made by LR.  If you change a grey field manually without confirming them first, then all the other fields will be cleared! 


          To confirm a field, click on its label (Sublocation, City, State/Province, Country, ISO Country Code) and select the value.  Unfortunately, there is no way to batch confirm all the fields of a photo or multiple photos at once.


          If you don't like this design (and many people don't), please add your vote and option to this topic in the official Adobe feedback forum: Lightroom: improve control over reverse-geocoded Location metadata.  That will make it a little bit more likely that Adobe will prioritize a fix.

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