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    Table styles problem


      Hello there,


      Just going nuts with this.


      I have set up paragraph styles, cell styes and table styles and when I do import from excel or even create the table from 0 Still does not apply the table style. Any tips anyone. Please???



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          Chad Chelius Adobe Community Professional

          Table styles are very particular when it comes to applying a table style that already has styles applied to the content. You're probably running into a situation where manual styling is preventing the table style from being able to format the table. Try this:


          1. Select the table
          2. Go to the Paragraph styles panel and click the clear overrides button at the bottom of the panel
          3. Go to the Character styles panel and click none.
          4. Go to the cell styles panel and click the clear overrides button
          5. Go to the table styles panel and click on basic table and then also the clear overrides button if you see a + sign next to the basic table style.


          Now apply the Table Style and it should apply all necessary formatting.


          You may also want to show the import options when you are placing the table and choose remove formatting from text and tables to clear out any Word formatting that might be coming in during import. Word is notorious for applying added formatting to content during import.