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    cfc/function error?

      high, sorry, this is going to be a long code, this is a function in my db access component. the stored procedure is running fine, the e-mail sending are also running fine, but the function itself is not. Here is the error message
      The start tag must have a matching end tag. An explicit end tag can be provided by adding </cffunction>. If the body of the tag is empty you can use the shortcut <cffunction .../>.

      The error occurred in /Applications/CF/wwwroot/SabryCorp/in/07/CFC/toDb.cfc: line 796
      794 : </cffunction>
      795 : <!--- The new function to replace the add function --->
      796 : <cffunction name="todb" access="public">
      797 : <!--- the structure that holds the information --->
      798 : <cfargument name="fields" type="struct" required="yes">

      which should normally indicate that I have some sort of overlapping tags, i checked could not find any
      Any Ideas? or is this a bug in cfm?