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    Slow Loading Projectors

    Chris McLaughlin Level 1

      My projectors seem to be taking longer than usual (a lot longer) to load. One client has said that it takes 5 - 10 minutes to load which I have to believe is a gross exaggeration, but I have seen load times as slow as 30 seconds. Is there anything I can do to try to make my projectors load more quickly? Has anyone else experienced the same problem?


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          Look up fast start projectors in the help file. Basically, you put all
          your xtras in a separate xtras folder (along with a handful of dlls for
          the Windows version), and make sure the projector is a Shockwave
          projector as opposed to a standard one.

          Then, put a bitmap with the same name sa your projector to use as a
          splash screen. It doesn't speed anything up, but it shows that
          something is happening as opposed to just an hourglass. If your
          projector is called "start.exe", then put a bitmap called "start.bmp" in
          the same folder. When the program starts, the bitmap will appear for a

          If you are using the Impressario xtra, it is known to take a very long
          time to load. You can minimize that by removing the cmaps and fonts
          folders. There is a technote at their website and in the help file
          explaining exactly which files can be removed and when it is appropriate.
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            and make sure you aren't loading any unnecessary xtras.

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              neekss Level 1
              Here are my findings:

              * Never embedd too many fonts in the movie, these fonts are first decompressed and copied to the temp directory, which takes time.

              * Don't embed the xtras inside the projector as they too are decompressed and copied, which takes time too.

              * Use a stub projector, which will just redirect to the main movie. This speeds up the things as the projector will be very light.

              * Change unnecessary 32 bit bitmap members to 16 bit if they dont have or require alpha. This will reduce the overall size of the project and loading time.

              * Keep the internal cast as light as possible. This atleast helps in showing the blank screen fast.

              If you take care of the above things, I'm sure the loading time will reduce to half.