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    3d behaviour navigation help

      Hi all,
      I'm having a ton of trouble with something and I truly hope someone can help me out here...
      The behaviour for 3d sprites, "Click model go to marker", is just not working right when there are more than one of them.
      In my 3d member, I have a few different buttons that I would like the user to press and jump to a different label.
      If you press model 1, you jump to frame "x", if press model 2, go to framelabel "Y" etc.
      The problem is, it only works for one model. When I click on another 3d model in the member, it doesn't want to jump!

      My procedure is this:
      1) drop the .w3d file onto the stage
      2) drag and drop the 3d model rollover behaviour (3 of them, 1 for each model)
      3) drag and drop the ""Click model go to marker" (3 of them, 1 for each model)
      4) drag and drop the "mouse trigger" behaviour on it finally to trigger the jump.

      How come it only will work with one model, but not several? I'm really stumped and really need help :(
      Thank you..