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    Search Results Showing Hidden Content


      Hi guys,


      I have a query. Each topic in my help file has a hidden block of text at the top which will show when the user chooses to print (this is just a logo and copyright information). This works fine however a problem arises when using the search functionality, the text becomes visible as part of the 'Preview' text.


      I'm using:


      RH 2015


      HTML5 Responsive Output


      Can anyone advise how I might be able to visually hide this from the preview?


      Additionally, how do I go about excluding a specific phrase from searches?


      Many thanks


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          surbhi_maheshwari Adobe Employee



          You can set the preview text of any topic by going to Topic right click> Properties> Status tab and write your preview text inside comment section.



          It will solve your problem of search preview text.

          But i would like to know how are you hiding the text?

          Are you using conditional build tag?

          Also do you want the text to shown in output but not in search, I am wondering what might be your use case. Please specify.


          Using dynamic filtering you can hide the text depending upon the filter tag from help and search both.



          Surbhi Maheshwari

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            davidw47085529 Level 1

            Thanks for your answer Surbhi, this should resolve the issue but will be time intensive as I need to complete the comments for all topics, and they will need to be maintained.


            The purpose of hiding the text is so that it is never shown to the user except when they choose to print a topic.


            I'm hiding the text using CSS, I have a div class of "printspecial" which is set to display:none by default, when a user chooses to print (@media print) then the div is displayed (along with various other changes to improve formatting for printing).


            I don't need users to have any control over this.

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              surbhi_maheshwari Adobe Employee

              Looks like you will have to go by above route only.

              Sorry to say but right now there is no such option in RoboHelp to exclude some text from search preview text.

              You can make a feature request for it @https://bugbase.adobe.com