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    Windows 10 error in Adobe program updates. "The Update Server is not Responding"


      I have updates to download but as soon as I try to download I get the Update Server error on screen from the Adobe Application Manager.  I have tried disabling Virus Software/Firewall and also changed compatibility settings to W7 and W8.   The Lightroom program itself works, it seems the update fault is somewhere in Windows 10.  I see on the Internet that this same error problem in previous versions of Windows was solved by a virtual network setting being disabled.  In W10I cannot find any reference to a virtual network in the Device Manager or Network Settings.  I also get the same error when selecting an update download in Elements 13.

      I did not have any problems with updates in W8.1 so that leads me to believe it's a W10 glitch?


      Any guidance to try and resolve this would be appreciated please.


      Thank you,



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