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    Where Is It ?


      The Adobe website says Flash Player is already installed on my computer, but I cannot find it and it does not work.

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          fl_hayseed Level 1

          This website will not allow me to edit my original post so, I forgot to say I am running Windows XP and have searched my hard drive and deleted anything related to Flash Player. In addition Flash Player does seem to be working on my internet browser which is Mozilla Firefox it pass their little online test.  However it is still absent when I try to use it for an actual program on my hard drive.

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            pwillener Level 8

            I don't understand "use it for an actual program"; please elaborate.

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              fl_hayseed Level 1

              I am trying to use a copy of Punch software Home and Landscaped design program that I just purchased.  The help tutorial videos for the program use Adobe Flash Player and even have a tab to download it in the tutorial window.  However it does not work it will not download and when I go on the Adobe site it says it is already installed on my computer and the little video test where you supposed to see the clouds does work.  I do have Adobe Reader 9 and it works fine but that is the only Adobe program I can find on my computer.




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                pwillener Level 8

                That program, does it use the ActiveX or the plugin?  Do you have both installed on your system?  What versions?

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                  fl_hayseed Level 1

                  It says it needs Java to be enabled, which I do have version 1.5.0.  I believe I have ActieX, but I do not know how to check.

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                    pwillener Level 8

                    Your Java version is very old; the last version for Windows XP is Java 7 update 80.


                    Check your installed Flash Player versions in Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs.