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    Keyboard key press events are not fired on InDesign CC 2015 HTML5 extension panel.

    tdtahir Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have created HTML5 extension for Adobe InDesign CC 2015, in that I have implemented tree widget. I want to navigate through tree by using arrow keys. Looks like keyboard events are not getting catch. I have observed different behaviour on chrome browser and InDesign extension.


      When I open index.html page on browser and hit "monitorEvents($0, 'key')" on console of browser, after that when any key is pressed key events get fired and displayed on console whereas when I open InDesign extension in debug mode and perform same steps no key events are  getting fired (I checked for mouse events are observed, either using InDesign or Chrome, I can see events are getting fired.)

      Please anybody having same issue and know the reason please share with me.