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    Retaining RH Server info when publishing new projects


      We are first time users and just installed RH 2015 client and RH Server v9.  Is there a way to retain RH server information across projects when publishing new WebHelp Pro projects?  We have hundreds of doc's to publish and entering server information each time is very time consuming and seems unnecessary.  Thank you in advance.


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          johndaigle Level 4

          Hi, gregoryp and welcome to the Forums.

          If you could clarify what you mean by "doc's to publish". Sometimes authors refer to HTML topics as "docs" as opposed to Word, PDF, etc documents that are published to the server along with the project as
          "Baggage" files and I wasn't sure which you meant.

          Each WebHelp Pro Project does need to have the publishing server Output Single Source Layout information dialog filled out so that it points to the right server as well as "Area" destination (the General area is the default).

          So if you mean you are wanting to publish many non-HTML docs to the server, this can easily be done by importing them into the Baggage files folder of the Project Manager. That way, the text of these docs gets "search server-side indexed" for benefit of the end-user. Each non-HTML doc does not need a separate WebHelp Pro project (if this is what you mean?)

          Also if you could give us an idea of how many separate RoboHelp projects you foresee publishing to the server and what method you will use to merge the projects. (Commonly the automatically merge method)

          If I have misunderstood the issue, please take another crack at it


          John Daigle

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