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    Figure numbering with anchored figures


      I edit books for publication at CreateSpace that are created in MS Word by a local author. He does the barebones text creation and I do all formatting as well as image formatting and placement.

      The books have a lot of images (like 80 or so), and I have been creating sidebars for most images. The sidebar contains the image and some text.


      The problem is that I rely on automatic figure numbering. I also rely on the sidebars (or simple captioned figures for that matter) to be in the correct position in the flow of the text. These two things are mutually exclusive. It seems that the automatic figure numbering doesn't work on anchored figures. So, I'm forced to create my sidebars (or simple captioned figures), group, cut, paste in order to anchor (that itself seems clunky- why can't I right click the frame and check "anchor"?).

      Then, when all done with editing, I have to go back un unachor every single one in order to get the figure numbers to work. Frequently, the layout shifts a bit when I do this as well.


      God help me if I need to insert a new sidebar or figure, or relocate within the text. Once they are all unanchored, it is very easy for their position in the text flow to get lost. This all seems unnecessarily complicated. If only anchored figures would autonumber correctly, my life would be a lot easier.


      Maybe somebody has a script to do this? Maybe a script that would unachor all anchored frames (to allow the figure numbering to update) and then re-anchor the same ones?


      Thanks for any ideas. I really hate to go back to MS Word.


      I'm using InDesign 5.5 on Windows 8.1