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    Lightroom Aperture No Succesful

    EduardoBatasuna Level 1



      I just installed the trial version of Lightroom because Aperture no longer works with Mac OS Yosemite.


      I want to import my Aperture photo library  to Lightroom through the included Lightroom plugin to do so. However, according to me, it is not allowing me to do this because, apparently, I need space in my hard disk. It says the disk space required is 373 GB and 226 GB is available.


      Why Lightroom has to make a copy of all my photos when it would only take the photos from the current location without making a copy? Obviously, if I make a copy I will be out of space in the hard drive, since I have more than 25,000 photos.


      How can be solved this issue? Can someone assist me or guide me on how to do the importation of all my photos from Aperture to Lightroom without having to making a new copy in my hard drive and trying to leave the same structure as in Aperture? A third party plugin maybe?


      Thanks in advance,



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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi EduardoBatasuna,


          You certainly need enough free space on your hard disk to accommodate the masters from your Aperture library.

          If you have any refernced file in Aperture libraries then , you can ask Lightroom not to make a copy of it by checking the below mentioned box.  This will leave all referenced files in their current place and simply add them to Lightroom, then you can have more space.


          If you want to duplicate and copy referenced files so a new copy is made, uncheck the above box.  This will make sure that Aperture has its copy and Lightroom works with a different copy.



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            EduardoBatasuna Level 1

            Hi Sarika,


            Thanks for your reply. I followed your instructions, however it did not work


            What I think is that my Aperture was an older version than the required by the Adobe Lightroom plugin (actually I cannot open Aperture anymore since the switch to Yosemite but I suspect that it was an older version!).


            Therefore, is there any other way to import my photo library? Please be adviced that the Import tool in Adobe Lightroom does not show the Aperture library so at this moment I'm stuck please let me know if there is another way to do it.


            Please find enclosed the screenshots of all the process suggested by you (unfotunately is in Spanish but you can have a good idea on what went wrong).


            Thanks in advance,



            Screenshot 1 11.56.12.png

            Screenshot 2 11.56.32.png

            Screenshot 3 11.56.59.png

            Screenshot 4 12.03.31.png

            Screenshot 5 12.03.47.png

            Screenshot 6 12.04.07.png

            Screenshot 7 12.10.09.png

            Screenshot 8 12.10.28.png


            As mentioned, Aperture Library is not shown in the Images import structure within Adobe Lightrooom, therefore I cannot just simple Choose and Import button:


            Captura de pantalla 2015-09-14 a las 12.28.51.png

            Captura de pantalla 2015-09-14 a las 12.29.18.png

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              sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)



              You can try directly importing the Images in Lightroom, Please follow the below steps:


              • In the Finder, navigate to your Aperture package file.   



              • Control-click the  Aperture Library file and choose Show Package Contents.


                      A Finder window opens that shows the contents of the package file. The Masters folder contains all of the photos that are in  Aperture. However, Lightroom cannot access this folder.

              • Control-click the folder named Masters and choose Duplicate.
              • Drag the folder named "Masters copy" from the Aperture Library Finder window to your desktop or any external drive.

                Lightroom can see this folder.
              • Open Lightroom and drag the Masters copy folder into the Grid view of the Library module.

                The import window opens, with your Aperture files selected in the preview area. By default, Lightroom wants to Add these photos to your catalog. Select Copy or Move, if preferred, and specify the destination folder and other options in the panels on the right side of the import window.

                [You can delete that Master duplicate folder if you have choose copy or move as an option to import]
                Please let us know if it helps.