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    ligature problems In InDesign CC2015 only!  Reporting from a print service provider.

    Alpine Litho-Graphics

      I work in a printing services company.  We receive files from clients only!  Nothing is created within our environment.


      We are battling a problem that I have seen posed by others with similar backgrounds.  We are seeing the exact same issue!

      When we open client supplied documents using client supplied fonts and fonts loaded from CC2015 only.  Some key strokes are transformed to unwanted ligature alternates.   The client collects the files for us thru InDesign and includes a PDF, IDML, and the full collected artwork with fonts.  If the indd, or the IDML is opened in CC2015 this occurs.  If the InDesign doc is opened in cc2015 and exported to IDML, the issue follows the IDML to lower versions of CC.  If we open the client supplied IDML in a lower version of CC the file is fine!


      I have seen various reports of this issue in your forums that have documented a great deal of testing, but wanted to post this to see if any progress is being made in identifying a work around and or a permanent solution!  For now I have this installed only in a test environment.  But many of our clients are adopting this new version and when submitting files we are running into the issue both in file prep and in proofing to the client.


      Please help!!!!


      Darren Crozier

      Pre-Media Manager

      Alpine Litho-Graphics