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    Adjustment brush -- color and brightness


      I have LR6 on a desktop computer running Windows 7.


      I recently visited Sedona, AZ, where I noticed this bud.  I liked the background color provided by the car door and thought that I'd be able to eliminate the hot streaks where the body folds chrome handle caught the sky.  I shot with the intent of converting the background into a uniform Burgundy (?) and then applying a density gradient to give a lighter tone at top to slightly darker at the bottom. 


      I masked the entire background using the adjustment brush.  I selected the tone that I wanted from the door (RGB 24.2, 8.2, 8.2) but cannot find a way to specify it.  So I used the eyedropper by clicking within the "envelope's" color field, dragging to the image, and releasing at the point that I wanted to match.  That turned the stripes and handle to a pink, but did nothing to alter the brightness. 


      I would sincerely appreciate any suggestion that you could offer.




      Sedona -134 - Output photo.jpg