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    Image not right - refund?


      I purchased image file 78610654 and saved to Library - here's the image preview.

      虹 カラフル 背景

      Opened in Ai - just a page of (presumaby) chinese text. No rainbow!


      How do I get a refund??????


      PS - How on earth do you access live support chat? The "help" section on your website is appalling, and seems designed to put people off contacting you!

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          rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi  pennyh79101369,


          Save the file on desktop rather than Library.

          • Open your account
          • on the right hand upper top corner, click on your name, then license history
          • Now click on your image
          • And finally click on the drop down menu that allows you to download a file and save the file on desktop.




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