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    Can I create a batch function which pulls variable data from a spreadsheet?

    gwjohnson3 Level 1

      I have a need for an Acrobat (I'm using Acrobat 9 pro) script which resizes multiple supplied pdfs based on size data submitted via a csv.  I have only a rudimentary knowledge of javascript and my skills are usually limited to finding pre-written code and tinkering in order to suit my needs.  I have successfully created the code for resizing a pdf via the java console, but that involves opening each file individually and changing the variables in the code manually.  What I'd like to do is import the csv (converted into a tab delimited .txt file, I assume) and run the script on a folder containing multiple files.  Each file in the folder would correspond with a row in the csv and each row would contain columns that reference filename and height and width variables (along with lots of other unnecessary data).  Would I use the importTextData method?  I've done something similar in Bridge in order to write variable metadata to a folder of pdfs, but wasn't sure how well javascripting in Bridge translated to Acrobat.  Does what I'm describing seems possible?  I'm not a programmer by trade, so I apologize if the above is unclear.  I can obviously provide more info if needed.  Thanks for the help.