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    Preview problem (LR 5.7)

    Jane in Shropshire

      I've just encountered a couple of images out of an import of around 70, whose previews are pixellated at 1:1 view in Library. When I go into Develop, the images render normally. They're from my new Panasonic LX100, and are raw files. I've imported several hundred images from the camera without encountering this problem; nor has it arisen for any of the thousands of images I've imported from other cameras (going back to LR1). Is there any way to force Lightroom to create a new, higher quality preview for these images? I've got the preview quality set to 'high' and 'never discard 1:1 previews'; but that obviously hasn't worked for these two. The two images are in the middle of the import; there may be more further on - but there's absolutely nothing to distinguish them from the others in the folder. Nor have I recently updated Lightroom, or changed my catalogue (which I back up after every session, optimizing the catalogue at the same time).