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      Hey all,
      Hoping everything's well in the world of Flash since I last left it :)
      I was wondering if there would be an easy solution to a problem I'm having with my code.

      Basically, I'm making a simple loadMovie site, but I want to eliminate buttons that have already been pressed. For example, if the user is already at the homepage, disable the home button, and so on and so forth.

      What I THOUGHT would work is adding this code to the first frame in my movie:
      var History:String = "Home";
      And adding this code to my buttons.
      on (release) {
      if(History = "Home"){
      else {
      History = "Home";

      I was thinking that if I could make a variable that started off reading "Home," then I could test to see if the variable was the same every time a button was clicked. If it was, basically do nothing, don't unload and reload etc. If it wasn't however, unload and reload the correct movie in, as well as set the variable to the new page's variable, to disable it next time.

      Can anyone see where I'm going wrong?