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    Terrible phone customer service


      Just got off the phone with an incredibly terrible phone customer service rep for sales.  Honestly, please spend some of the profits into training and hiring proper professionals when you're in the business of selling a product or service to make money.


      The plans are clearly listed on the website, I get it.  I called to see if there was maybe a plan not advertised for a small business of six seats.  I was almost going to accept the $70/month per seat but wanted to know if there was a plan that was simply 50/month without all the bells and whistles tied to one email so I could be in control of all six seats.  The responses I get were many one word answers such as "yes" and "no", but mostly "no"s.  I wasn't greeted like many other companies.  There was no "Great, I'll be glad to assist you with your question" or "I'm sorry, at this time that product/option/service is not available but I can always put in a suggestion" or something to that effect.  The conversation consisted of many sighs and lacking a desire to convince me to purchase, at one point I was told: "Well you don't have to buy it if you don't want it".  I wanted to buy, and I wanted to buy six licenses, it's why I called.  What the hell is wrong with your phone reps?


      I went from eager to buy to angry, at which point I asked to cancel my recent auto renewal of a personal subscription.  I was told the annual pre-paid plan is nonrefundable.  Add fuel to fire, rub salt on cuts.  Thanks for another year Adobe.  Perhaps in a year I'll revisit the idea of buying licenses again and hopefully you'd have spent a few dollars to properly train and filter out the single word answer operators.