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    After downloading successfuly any ebook to PocketBook or Aldiko eReaders on any of my two Galaxy Tablets, there is displayed this message: "Import failed [E_STREAM_ERROR: CURL returned 1(1)]

    Igmar Lurssen

      Hi, I really hope there is someone to help me with this problem.

      Three weeks ago, I had an issue not being able to sign in on two eReaders in one of my two tablets, so I luckily found a link on Aldiko's web page: www.aldiko.com. It was an Adobe chat located in London, and the person who attended me did a great job. After giving a solution to it, I told him there was another problem, everytime I tried to open an ebook on my second Tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, there was a message about an error. He told me he had to transfer me to another chat, which he didn't, and told me Tech Support was going to call me!!! That never happened! Luckily I found an email where Adobe were giving me 24 hours to say if my problem was already resolved, I answered to a link and said: NO. It happened two weeks ago. From that day on I haven't been able to open any other ebook. I know now that, because last Saturday I bought FIVE ebooks DRMprotected  and after downloading successfuly the files, I can see downloading file to my two eReades, but then there is this message displayed: "Import failed [E_STREAM_ERROR: CURL returned 1(1)].


      Is there any wisy person who can help me to resolve this problem. Otherwise I won't be able to read/buy any new DRM protected ebook, until there is going to be a person (I hope this really happen, and soon) who can give the eReaders buyers and readers, another solution apart of ADE. Please, It cannot be possible there is no other alternative to read Protected licensed ebooks (files) other than ADE!


      Thank folks!