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    Dangle Collapsing Entire Necklace

    dalesandberg Level 1



      First of all great work with Preview 2. It has certainly smoothed out a lot of the issues I and others were having with Preview 1.


      My current issue is with getting illustrator artwork to dangle properly. I have a necklace (more like a lanyard) around a characters neck. When I apply a dangle to the lanyard the strings that should be holding it around the characters neck fall and dangle as well. I have tried using fixed point, using a different attach to, and changing the position of the origin and dangle points, but nothing has solved the issue. I would be happy to send a file to a staffer if they could help.

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Hi Dale... Yes, please send us a shared link to the artwork you're trying to use. You can send it to me in a direct message in case you need to keep the artwork private.


          There was a change to how Dangle should be set up between Preview 1 and 2, but it sounds like you tried setting up a Fixed handle already. We can investigate what's going on.