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    AT Quick Question About Echo on Two Synced Audios

    os31776508 Level 1

      Hello. I can't find the earlier thread, but I mentioned having a good audio 1 and a bad PIP audio 2 from a camera and whether I should remove audio 2. I thought it sounded good with both audios, but now I notice an echo. When I delete audio 2 though, my audio and video 1 move all the way over to the left and get out of sync with the PIP video. Do you know how to prevent this? Group did not prevent it. They were synced, then when I deleted audio 2, video 2 unsynced with audio and video 1. I would like to remove audio 2 without getting out of sync with video 2.


      Also, what is a reasonable amount of time to render and save? I use the render button, and it takes an hour for a 5 minute video. Then I save, and it takes another hour and a half. Thanks in advance.