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    hello guys it's me asking again... Why is AE faster in athlon than i3?

    toac60227793 Level 1

      I just wonder in my own computer I tried to install adobe creative suite, I have an


      athlon II x4 msi PC

      windows 7 64 bit

      16gb gskill ripjaw dual channel

      250gb HDD

      2gb built in video display.

      it seems after effects is working well and I can render fast. even if I am working with autodesk maya.


      here in our office I am using an

      intel core i3-3240 hewlett packard PC

      windows 8.1

      with 8 gb ram (I requested the ram because I can't see the ram preview)

      1664 mb graphic card

      but it takes half of my day just to render an 11 minutes video?


      is it because I installed cs6 in my PC and creative cloud in our office does it means cc is slower?

      is it because of my OS (I hate windows 8 in the first place)

      or is it because of these annoying adobe things in my task manager that slows our PC?

      I don't think it's a hardware issue.

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am only guessing but AE is very memory intensive and your AMD has twice as much memory as the i3.  Also your AMD has real 4 cores where your I3 has only two real cores.


          No, CC is not slower than CS6 in my testing of Premiere, it is generally faster.


          It is not the OS.


          Both your CPU's are very outdated, the general minimum forum recommendation is for an Intel i7 quad core with hyperthreading.


          Yes it could be the background processes but if you had a better Intel CPU it would not matter.