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    DCP color space

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            I would like to ask about the following issue:

      As you can see in the video link I am providing, I am editing a sequence in After effects. This sequence is a part of a film that is going to be distributed in theaters, which means that it must be delivered in an industry standard DCP format.

      So I change the color space from “None” to “DCDM XYZ” in order to view how it would seem in the theaters (approximately).

      The change of the picture is super dramatic. Especially the blacks go crazy and, as usual, there is this green tint. When I change to “DCDM RGB”, things are a little better.

      Notice this: If I change the color space from “None” to “DCDM XYZ” without any color correction applied to the original footage, the picture remains the same as the original… no change.

      My question is:


      Should I color grade in the “DCDM XYZ” color space since it goes for distribution and color correct till I am happy with the image I see in this particular color space, or it doesn’t matter and although I see now the colors and gamma screwed up, when projected to the cinema screen, it will all seem as they should?


      Here is the video Link:

      Animation - YouTube


      Thank you very much!

      Yiannis from Greece

      (The best economy of the world…hahaha!!! ..joking..)

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What version of AE are you using? AE CC 2015 is going to have an update later this year with some changes to how it handles color: What’s new and changed in the upcoming update to After Effects CC 2015 | After Effects region of interest

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            Yiannis72 Level 1

            It doesn't have to do with the version of After effects. The same goes with Avid, Nuke, Premiere and Final cut. I have the latest version of all those software. Has anyone tested this? In all the above software whenever you try to watch the final video in a DCP color space, the image looks different. Is this regular and it just seem this way through the computer monitor (which runs with an other color space) or it will look that way on the theater screen as well? I think that at the theater it will look just fine because the whole image is transcoded into the DCDM XYZ format, but I just wanted to verify this with you guys...

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              Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee

              HI loannis,


              A computer monitor or TV can double the luminance. That is why film look on your monitor couldbe different when watched in the cinema.

              Also, DCPs use a completely different color space than your computer or TV monitor, so you cannot exactly compare that what it will look like wheen played in theatres. So, I will recommend you to test it in theatres for the exact results.