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    Is it possible to upgrade only InDesign from CS3 to CS4???


      …  or is only CS6 available.


      I currently am still using CS3 and am very happy with it.  I want to be able to create ebooks in inDesign.  I've read that CS4 is ideal for this. 


      Is there a way to upgrade from CS3 to CS4? 


      Please advise what my best options are.  ( I am hesitant to upgrade to CS6 because: current finances, and I'm using older MAC OS, so concerned about conflicts.  Right now everything is working smoothly.)


      I would also be curious to know if ebook creation (exporting an EPUB w/ anchored images, etc.) is supported in CS6?   …  or limited to CS4?


      Basically, I'm a designer who has been using InDesign for countless years and want to move into creating ebooks -- I don't want to have to give up my beloved program and do the layout in Word (gasp!)...


      Thank you in advance!!!