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    Indesign Document: Some Images are Low Resolution


      Hello everyone,

      I'm in desperate search for an answer here. I have made and indesign document that has some hyperlinks. The document was designed for an ipad and looks great when I view the document on my ipad. However, when I see the document on a desktop computer the images are blurry. They look blurry as a pdf (print and interactive) and in Indesign (with high quality display performance) despite the magnification amount. This only happens to some of the images even though all of the images have at least a 144 effective ppi. I have tried all different image handling options for interactive pdf exports as well as different file sizes for pdf print. What am I missing? I am hoping to send my document which is my portfolio to potential employers but I don't want them to open the document and the images to be blurry.

      Thank so much to anyone that can help!