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    Lightroom 6 will not recognize my Nikon D700 when trying to use Tethered Shooting.   I have the proper Tether Tools cable I believe. It comes up with No Camera Detected.   Camera is on.


      LightRoom 6 does not recognize my Nikon D700 DSLR.   I connected the PC to my DSLR using Windows 10.   I have gone into the Lightroom 6 program and selected "File/Tether Capture/Start Tethered Capture.  It then says "No Camera Detected"


      I believe I have the correct Tethered Cable. It is a 5 Pin Mini USB 2 Cable.


      The Camera mini USB works, I believe.  I have downloaded photos from the D700 to my computer previously.


      When I Connect and disconnect the Tether Cable between my LapTop and the D700, the computer issues a

      bell noise saying that it recognized a device connecting to the LapTop.


        What could be wrong?