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    render crash


      I've tried everything I can find on YouTube, Adobe forums and at the end of the road, the only thing I can consider is that it's Windows 10?

      I'm using the clone tool to take items out of a 5 minute video - it started off great, now it keeps crashing every time I make the same correction.


      Now, when I try and render the footage it gets to a certain point then crashes, same point every time.


      I took the footage I was able to render, merged it (in P/Pro) with the original footage, took out the Audio (MP3) and made it an .AVI file - thinking I'd make the continue making the corrections then take it back into P/Pro and add the Audio back in - no dice, using the clone tool it'll work for a few of the same corrections then Crash - and won't render any longer.


      I have a Dell - Alienware I5 - Windows10- (originally Windows 7) 8GB Ram (1.5 to other applications - remaining to After Effects) Only using about 30% of my Hard Drive Space.


      After EffectsComputer shuts down during render/prerender ! !