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    Camera Raw colors go weird


      I'm having some recent color problems with my Camera Profiles (under Camera Calibration tab) in Camera Raw 9.1.1. Windows 10, recently calibrated monitor (Spyder5), Photoshop CS6.


      Up until recently the Adobe Standard and Camera Standard profiles for my Sony A77M2 camera were fairly close in color. It's been this way for many years and many cameras, back to CS, CS4, CS6 and all the Camera Raw updates since day one. I did prefer the Camera Standard profile since it gave a tiny bit of extra punch (contrast & saturation). For some reason, this all changed recently and suddenly. The results are not pretty. I hope the good people here can help me return things to normal.


      Here's an example. I used the Adobe Standard profile for the following photo. Skin tone looks good, perhaps a little warm but not a bad start.

      ACR - Adobe Standard.jpg

      For the following photo the only change is switching to the Camera Standard profile. Skin tone looks greenish and sickly. This is completely out of sorts with my past experience with the Camera Standard profile for many years - it has never previously produced anything this bad.

      ACR - Camera Standard.jpg

      The following changes have occurred since I've notice this:

      • Upgraded to Windows 10. I've gone through the color management settings and don't see anything that looks odd. It's using the correct monitor profile and is set to use sRGB IEC61966-2.1 (Photoshop and Camera Raw are set to use the same color profile)
      • Upgraded from Spyder3 to Spyder5. Recalibrated the monitor and checked. Test images provided by the Spyder software look great on my monitor.
      • Updated to Camera Raw 9.1.1 - my primary suspect. All my Sony A77M2 camera profile files are now dated 7/22/2015 - I did update Camera Raw at the end of July and starting noticing color problems around this time.

      I should note this color change is consistent throughout my workflow (Camera Raw -> Photoshop -> JPEG or web). I can use my computer at work or even my smartphone! and see the same degradation in color.


      It's very easy to blame it all on the latest, and I hear last for CS6, Camera Raw update. However, I would like to see if there's anything else I should check. Or, if I'm stuck here what would be an appropriate workaround or if I can regress to a previous version of Camera Standard camera profile for the Sony A77M2.