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    How to reproduce this exact Video footage Mosaic?


      Hello There,


      I would need some advices from you...


      I need to shoot and edit a video for a company.

      this video will be composed of a mosaic made of 100 hundred short videos.

      I gave them a video reference that I saw on Internet (screenshot linked).


      I have my own idea on how to do it, BUT...

      Being a ROOKIE on Ae, I was thinking to do it thanks to Premiere. Which was a bad idea !


      May someone share with me his own experience?

      I will shoot 100 people in the same place and will start the mosaic on Thursday.

      It had to be a mosaic with video footage and no photo.


      Thanks a lot in advance,

      I look forward to hearing from you.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, if you are a neophyte, then it will be impossible to educate you in a manner that explains all steps. The basic drill is that you need to lay out the people in a grid and then pan and zoom about the comp, possibly applying other effects and corrections. Since you forgot to include the screenshot, we can't tell you more about the specifics. Eitehr way, you may want to dig into the AE help and watch some tutorial videos to get into the spirit...



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            mxm-lvy Level 1

            Hey Mylenium,


            Here is the screenshot. The upload failed.

            I totally understand that it won't be easy to explain all the steps in a single message.
            What I'm really looking for is "THE" tutorial that could help me.

            I found some plugin but it only works with pictures.

            Do you think that it can be done through Premiere?

            It would be for sure a DIY solution, but would it a working solution?


            Thanks a lot for your help !


            Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 4.53.18 pm.png

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There are a lot of scripts available that will tile layers. If you really want 100 videos tiled in an HD comp you may need to scale those 100 videos down and pre-render them to a smaller size before you start working with your project. It all depends on your system. 100 HD videos in a single comp frame means AE is going to be decoding, reading every pixel, calculating scale, interpolating color and luminance, and trying to build a composite from original pixels that are 100 times larger than your comp. It's going to take some horsepower. 192000 X 108000 is a bunch of data...


              As far as arranging your videos you can do that manually by scaling them down and building a wall by manually positioning them or your could use a script or expression to automate the process. I have my own animation preset, actually a pair of presets, that you apply to a null and then a bunch of layers to get them to tile. The null must be named "DL controller" and you apply this preset to it: Dropbox - Distribute layers-DL controller.ffx

              Then you apply this preset to each layer you want to tile: Dropbox - Distribute layers slaves.ffx


              You end up with a comp that looks like this:

              Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 6.23.08 AM.png

              The DL controller layer (null) contains two sliders. One for columns and the other for spacing. The other layers, in this case shape layers have the following expression added to position. (Works in CC 2014 and CC 2015 only). This expression calculates the size of the layer, takes into account any scale value, and arranges the grid starting at the position of the DL controller layer.

              // Find Layer Size and calculate new size if scaled

              sf = scale - [100, 100];

              xSize = thisLayer.sourceRectAtTime().width + (thisLayer.sourceRectAtTime().width * sf[0]/100);

              ySize = thisLayer.sourceRectAtTime().height + (thisLayer.sourceRectAtTime().height * sf[1]/100);

              realSize = [xSize, ySize];


              // Set number of columns

              cn = Math.floor(thisComp.layer("DL controller").effect("numCol")("Slider"));

              if (cn <= 0){

                numCol = 1}

              else numCol = (cn);


              // Set positions

              cp = thisComp.layer("DL controller").position;

              sp = thisComp.layer("DL controller").effect("sp")("Slider");

              if (sp == 0) {

                sp = 0}

              else sp = sp;

              col = (thisLayer.index-1) % numCol;

              row = Math.floor((thisLayer.index-1)/numCol);

              pos = [cp[0] + (sp + realSize[0]) * col,  cp[1] + (row * sp) + realSize[1] * row];


              I won't go through the expression line by line but the descriptions should give you a hint.


              This is advanced stuff for a newbie to grasp but it automates the process of creating a grid of layers. It even works no matter what size the layers are as long as they are all the same size or scale.

              Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 6.34.25 AM.png

              You could also do this manually by setting up guides or using the grid feature in AE then just dragging the layers into position.