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    Lost my e-book!!!


      I've bought an e-book and read it on my pc (without login). Then I've tried to read it from my tablet, signing in. It seemed that I could not because another user was reading it (me, on the pc!) So I went back to the pc, signed in and at it appeared an error message. Now I solved the problem and both the devices are connected, but I lost my ebook. this is the error message: E_IC_ALREADY_FULLFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER. what to do?


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          laylab6321934 Level 1

          No one answering me?

          Through the chat, with the support of the Adobe operators I've tried to log out and log on, to uninstall/install again, to restart the pc but the problem persisted.

          I think this trick is really much complicated and even the librarian where I bought the ebook was upset... can you please send me some suggestions?