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    Halo effect for video footage


      Hi Teachers,


      I am new to Adobe Effect.

      My goal is to make a tribute video of Lewis Marnell.


      Reference Video:

      1. R.I.P Lewis Marnell - YouTube



      1. Slow down motion

      2. Add Halo effect (warm and peaceful with CEVs)

      3. Add Angel ring. (Like Lewis is skating in heaven. Angel ring must be spinning with halo effect.)



      1. Can this be achieved with Adobe Effect?

      2. What other software do I need?

      3. Can this be achieved with Blender 2, Autodesk product or other apps?

      4. Do I sign up for Creative Cloud Single-App plan?



      Music will be slow, warm and peaceful.

      It will be about 3 mins long with few photo slides. 

      A lot of the footage will be used off this SB Chronicles Unplugged: Shane O'Neill presents Lewis Marnell - YouTube


      PC Spec:

      E6330 i7 3.0GHz 8GB SSD

      Windows 8 64bit