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    Adobe; change your language strategy

    jonasa12363983 Level 1

      This is a question directly to Adobe:


      I wish that you would change your language strategy, Ive worked with your products a lot at different marketing/graphic/print companies and whenever we get new systems/workstations our products comes preinstalled with Adobe in my native language - which to me is complete idiocy. Why anyone would want their Adobe product in their native language is beyond my comprehension. If you ever follow a tutorial, its not compatible because you cant find any menus they are talking about, working internationally is a hassle because you have no idea what your colleges are talking about when you are stuck with a native copy of your adobe product...


      I know I am nagging here, but please consider making international english always the default install language? I am pretty sure the people that value their adobe products in their native language is a very small crowd, senior citizens or people who didnt go to school and use them for fun. I think its a pretty good bet that any educated graphic artist would have to be fluent in english. In sweden a person working in my field not fluent in english is more or less not existing.


      Thanks for hearing me out at least - reinstalling all your products just to change language takes a lot of time!