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    Unable to edit Hyperlinks correctly!


      I'm trying to create a numbered (bullet points) list of separate URLs and hyperlink each to their individual destinations. However, every time I edit a new one, it changes all previous links on the list to the last edited destination (URL). Hope this makes sense... how do I to this properly?

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          Abhinav Kaushik Adobe Employee


          You may use the following method for creating the bullet point list of hyper-links :

          1. Create a text frame

          2. Start writing the URL name in the form of a list, Eg :



          3. Open the hyperlink panel via Windows > Interactivity > Hyperlink

          4. Select URL strings one at a time and create a new hyperlink using the flyout menu of hyperlink panel

          5. Select 'New Hyperlink from the url' option via flyout menu.


          This will convert your url string into hyperlinks having destinations similar to their name,

          eg : abc.com in your list, now will point to 'abc.com'.


          6. Now select all the string and use Type> Bulleted & Numbered List option to apply bullets to the list.

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            LylahD Level 1

            Thanks! That worked.. strange that you can't start the bulleted list first!