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    Graphic lines merge on output from InDesign to PDF.


      I have a logo with an exclamation mark in a circle. The client requires the logo to be 5 mm tall or higher. At 5 mm, I made a PDF and viewed it at 100% size and it looks like a circle with a line top to bottom, while at 200%, it looks "correct". I then made a PDF with the logo at 6 mm tall and it looked good at 100%. In all subsequent documents, the graphic does not look good, at any size below 9 mm. It's the same graphic in each document (linked to the same location). I've tried copying the entire text blocks and tables with the logo from the one document to the next, and still without luck. I've also tried, in the Graphics section of the Print dialog, setting Send Data to All...

      I'm out of ideas and in trouble with a deadline. Quick ideas would be most appreciated! Note: graphic is an AI file. InDesign CS5.