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    mouseOver issues

      Hi there.
      I am trying to create a navigation thats pops up inside another movie clip. I would like that movieclip to be activated when the user brings there mouse over it. I DONT want to use an on(rollOver) or on(rollOut) function, because if I do, u will not be able to click the buttons that reside inside that movieclip. Feel free to check out what Ive done, maybe it will help: http://www.60watts.org/test/index.html

      Here is the code im using so far:
      this issue I believe, is that Im using an on(mouseMove). so it does actully work, if you goto the movie clip at the bottom, youll notice a rectangle. if u mouse over it, it goes up, BUT, anytime u move the mouse, it triggers it to goto 'over' framelable which is when my issues start.

      whatever help somone can provide is greatly appreciated.
      feel free to email directly if youd like: james@60watts.org

      thank you.