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    CC 2015 Tagged Text StylePriority definition


      I'm trying to use InDesign Tagged Text for the first time.  I can not find any documentation to explain the "<StylePriority:x>" tag.  For my purposes, it seems to be un-needed.  But, that is going to drive me crazy.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. Create an InDesign document
          2. Make an example text with each style, character and paragraph style.
          3. Export the text as tagged text.

          Now you can read the tags of the text. If you import text in a document with the same style names, you will not need the style definition at the beginning, it is enough to include only the tags for text formatting.


          Never work without styles.


          But where do you find StylePriority?

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            ascript_guy Level 1

            OK, long story.  I've been using Xtags for many years. But, there is no direct support for InDesign tables.  But Xtags will let me wrap InDesign Tagged Text with the Xtag <&it"""..."""> .  I have been building the tables with Applescript (coming out of Filemaker or directly from Excel).  I'm looking to increase speed and keep everything in one place with a button to execute (FileMaker).  To be honest, the idea of learning something new gave me a big nudge, too.


            So, exported out of InDesign as ASCII-MAC:

            …<RowStart:<tRowAttrHeight:24>><CellStyle:Scope\:Table-subjectrow><StylePriority:1><CellSt art:1,6>…

            Every cell has this StylePriority tag and I haven't found a situation where I can't remove it.  Nor, can I make heads or tails of the significance of the integer.  The tag isn't defined in the PDF for tagged text for CS5 and that is the most recent document I could find.

            You are preaching to the choir on styles. I use them for tables and all the when down to nested and GREP in my paragraph styles.