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    Error Occured, Please Try Again (Publish Online)


      Greetings Everyone. Thought I had all my bases covered before Publishing Online. Did some research online and tried to self diagnose with no luck.


      I am getting the "Error occurred, please try again" during upload for Publish online at 2% upload. It seems to "prepare" fine before upload. Tried 3 times last night and twice this morning thinking it could be the servers.


      -They are .ai placed files. File>Place

      -No errors in InDesign

      -I don't run any plug-ins

      -No links

      -No video


      I've tried:


      Turn off firewall


      JPEG formats


      I would prefer .png because it is heavy with line art. That is the only thing I can think is causing the error - heavy line art.


      Just running out of ideas. Maybe I have to copy and paste into InDesign?


      Thanks for any help


      Edit: Did a test. Tried to upload pages range 1-4 out of 70 pages and it errored. Tried each page and it uploaded, pages 1, 2, 3, 4. But that kinda defeats the whole purpose

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          boba62213580 Level 1

          UPDATE: Well I've spent the last two days doing more testing.


          I went through each of the 70 ai files and cut there size in half.. Also making sure each image is between 150dpi and 72dpi.

          1.Embedded image links within AI.

          2.Placed in ID.

          3.Embedded those links.

          4.Save ID file

          5.Publish Online


          Here is what I found. If I put all 70 of the newly cut down ai files in and Publish Online there will be the generic upload error.. However if i put say 7-8 pages in it seems to work fine.


          All 70 work at (72 Low) and half on (96 Standard) and not any of the 144HiDPI formats when uploading.


          This leads me to believe that there is an upload cap, timeout error or something along those lines. They say they offer unlimited upload space. I can see the network status upload rates and they are fine when upping the package, then the error out around the 2-4% range.


          I'm sure many might prefer to have quality and a page load time than no load time and low quality.


          Thought I'd share the info and will try to continue updating if there is a break through. Hopefully someone could offer a solution or is in the same position.  A bit frustrating because I bought the package specifically for this feature.



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            boba62213580 Level 1

            Update 2: Cut the .ai files down even more. Saved as pdfs this time instead of Placing the ai files directly into ID and compressed them at 150 ZIP bicubic.


            Some things I noticed this time around:


            When you hit 100mb upload your more than likely going to get the error. So this means you will constantly be cutting down files sizes in AI or PS or you choose the program then placing in ID and praying that you don't hit that 100mb mark. With multiple files this could take days and even weeks to find the sweet spot.


            Also, clear your internet from any other activity so your upload is dedicated. Seems that any interruption in the pipe tends to error faster.


            Next up:

            ZIP 100ppi

            JPEG2000 150ppi