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    Files export with wrong timestamp and folder 'date modified' incorrect


      My system is running Windows 7. Lightroom 2015 CC.


      Yesterday whilst working in Lightroom, we suffered an unanticipated power outage. (My dog hit the power switch! Don't laugh!)


      When the system was restarted all appeared okay with the exception that the legend 'Clarity' was missing in the Develop module. The slider worked as expected though.


      Today I have been using Lightroom without any apparent issue until I exported some images to my external storage. I discovered that the 'Date modified' time of the folder to which the files were exported and the files themselves showed the 'Date Modified' as 01/01/2000.


      When I import files into Lightroom, it correctly identifies the file date and time and imports to the correct year/month/day.


      The system clock is correct.


      .Any suggestions would be gratefully received!