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    Alternate between percent and absolute

    stratosnatcher Level 1
      I've got two parallel sets of AnimateProperty components, each performing a resize. I apply these two a Panel component. I started out letting each set control the percentHeight and percentWidth properties. I wanted to use one parallel set to shrink the Panel down to nothing before setting it to visible = false, but the Panel would only get small enough to contain the children without scrolling.

      I then changed the downsizing set to use the height and width properties. This causes percentHeight and percentWidth to be set to NaN. Thus, when I try to use the other set to increase percentWidth and percentHeight to 100 (maximize the Panel), nothing happens. I need to be able to use percent here so that the Panel always fills the window.

      I've even tried setting percentHeight and percentWidth to a number (0, and also 1), and when I trace the properties back, they trace as those numbers. However, this does not have any actual effect on the Panel. Does anybody know how to force the component back to using percentages?