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    context menu !== Chinese Characters?

      Here is the synopsis of the problem: I built this tool that makes use of global variables from an external .AS file for localization purposes. I have the require //!-- UTF-8 setting atop. So far all the text imported from the.as file works fine, I do see chinese characters, but when I try updating the custom context menues........all I see are "??????". What am I doing wrong? is there a way to solve this puzzle?

      gaugeMenu = new ContextMenu(gaugeMenuHandler);
      gaugeMenu.customItems.push(new ContextMenuItem(_global.context_viewdetails, viewDetails));
      gaugeMenu.customItems.push(new ContextMenuItem(_global.context_viewrankings, fetchGaugeRanking));
      gaugeMenu.customItems.push(new ContextMenuItem(_global.context_hidegauge, hideGauge));
      gaugeMenu.customItems.push(new ContextMenuItem(_global.context_editgaugegroup, editGauge));
      gaugeMenu.customItems.push(new ContextMenuItem(_global.context_deletegaugegroup, deleteGauge));