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    When printing to a 44" designjet, print dialogue only allows up to a 36" width


      I just installed a new HP Z5400 designjet plotter with a universal driver (PS3(v1.0.0). The InDesign CC and CS6 print dialogs look exactly the same as for my older Z3100 plotter. When I choose a custom paper size, though, if I enter a width over 36 inches, I get an error message that says "The value must be between 3 in. and 36 in." even though I have a 42-inch roll loaded. In Illustrator, no error message pops up but the width is automatically changed to 36 inches if I enter a bigger number. The dialog shows the media size as 42" wide. I can go into the print dialogue's setup options to create a custom page size, but that adds a lot more work for each print job. Is there a way to use the "custom" paper size option in the Adobe dialog that allows for widths greater than 36 inches?