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    The image does not download

    Production EM360º Level 1

      I clicked 'license' on this image: https://stock.adobe.com/uk/stock-photo/social-media-icons/57936928

      Payment was taken, but the image didn't appear to have downloaded.

      When I clicked to license again, it looks to have charged me twice, but the image still hasn't downloaded.

      Please let me know why this is happening, and refund for the second download. Thanks in advance.

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          khatwani Adobe Employee (Admin)



          Save the file on desktop rather than Library.

          • Open your account
          • on the right hand upper top corner, click on your name, then license history
          • Now click on your image
          • And finally click on the drop down menu that allows you to download a file and save the file on desktop.




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            Production EM360º Level 1

            Hi everyone, I solved this. For anyone experiencing this issue, here's what happened...


            1. Click ' Buy license & save to desktop'
            2. The image should automatically download to your desktop [If the image fails to download, DO NOT click 'License Again'. Follow the easy steps below]
            3. If you have successfully licensed the image, the blue text to the right of the image preview will now read 'Save image to desktop' - click here.
            4. The image should download successfully to your desktop, without taking a second payment.


            Hope that helps,


            PS: Adobe - please refund credits to account to cover my second payment - thanks!

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