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    Can't import psb

    Erik Rambo

      So I am trying to make a catalog of all of our archived jobs so we can easily search multiple hard drives for Images.

      I am able to import tif jpeg psd cr2 and nef but any time I try to import a PSB file it will not show up to be imported.

      If I re-save the file as a psd it finds the file just fine. I am using the latest version of Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC.

      I have checked the photoshop Prefs and I have maximize compatibility turned on for psd and psb files.

      No I am not able to open all of my psb's and re-save them as psd's as most are over 4gb and I have to maintain the layering from

      year to year as clients ask us to pick up art and make significant changes from year to year.


      Is this a Bug or am I saving the PSB files wrong?