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    LR Questions- workflow/sync/renaming


      LR Users, I need some help! I started using LR a few weeks ago and have since watched tons of tutorials on youtube and the adobe site. I'm still having an issue with two things though- first, can you easily rename files without having to import or export them? In Bridge it takes me 2 seconds, but for the life of me I can't figure it out in LR without importing or exporting the files. Second, I'm still trying to figure out the catalog stuff, and it's confusing to me! So I worked in LR on a batch of RAW photos and exported them to a folder for a client and called it "Originals". From there I opened those files in PS and did my edits and saved those (from PS) in a different location called "Uncropped Edits". They have the same file name, just saved in a different folder. Well now I've been trying to bring those edits back into LR, and it won't let me import them because (I think??) they're already cataloged into LR in the "originals" because the filename is the same in both folders, but yet I can't easily access the edits. And one final question. I use Blogstomp and I've set it so that my Blogstomp folder in LR is supposed to automatically sync with LR Mobile so that I can easily upload the photos to IG from my phone. Well when I save my Blogstomp files, they go to the correct folder on my computer but don't automatically show up in my LR folder, which means it doesn't sync to LR Mobile, either. I don't want to have to import them everytime. Does that even make sense? I can see how LR could be amazing, but these little workflow things that I don't understand are driving me crazy and slowing me down bigtime! Any help would be really appreciated!!