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    Numbering checks, 3 per page. Help plz


      I'm using InDesign CC 2015 on a Mac. I am printing checks for a client. There are three checks per page. The check number appears twice per check, once in the upper right hand corner and once in the MICR text at the bottom. If I were just printing one check at a time, I'd just make 1,000 pages and insert current page number. I'd just have to do that twice on the master and I'm done. The problem with going this route is assembling the checks back together so that they are three up per page. This seems like something that Acrobat would do, but I don't know. Is there an InDesign function dedicated towards this reassembly?


      Data merge seems to be another option, but I've never tried it. I'm guessing I need two data sets, one for the check number in the upper right, and one for the bank data in the bottom, or is it because the numbers are the same in both locations, it's just one data set, laid out twice. How do I get the data to go from the first text box on page one to the second and third boxes (checks) on page one, then continue to do the same on pages 2, 3, etc. Do I lay that out in the master, or do I have to do it on all 334 pages?


      I created the check layout in PS then placed it in ID. Because I'm using a MICR font, the funky symbols at the beginning and end are actually letters. Is there an easy way to do sequential numbering  while adding a prefix and/or suffix that is a letter?


      Thanks in advance for your time and attention.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          One data set should do it. Place the field in both positions.


          Multiple records per page requires a single set of placeholders and associated objects in the upper left position. ID will duplicate it all as many times as will fit using your spacing parameters.


          Preview is buggy, though, so either don't press the preview button, or undo immediately after.